Sunday, February 6, 2011

An insight on Self Cleaning Cat Box

Cats with dogs, some of the most popular pet in the world. People worldwide have fallen head over heels in love with our feline friends and much to keep cats at home. As a matter of fact, even some people have more than one or two cats.
Cats can be great pets, but at least one dimension is less than desirable - in the form of waste or litter they produce. It is often said that cats fed dog food waste that is less smelly than cats that are predominantly fed meat, fish or leftovers to produce. Whether this is true or not, the truth is that even cats fed cats still stinking waste, solid or liquid products. Moreover, there is a risk of toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that people can come into contact with feces of cats recently infected and can be very annoying for those already ill with immune system diseases or disorders. It is therefore advisable that owners remain far away from cat feces and waste as they possibly can. A self-cleaning litter box can do wonders in this department.
Some people just put up with it and wear masks if they are empty of their cats' litter boxes or spray the areas where these boxes are placed with Lysol or similar disinfectant. Other purchase cat litter with special properties, there are some available that clump together, such as a coating on the surface of cat feces and cover the whole thing so it does not smell, and solidifying when it comes into contact with cat urine, which have the same effect. But there is no reason to just try to endure such methods. Many entrepreneurial companies have come up with their own take on a self-cleaning litter box, which can really help ease things for cat owners.
There are several brands of automated litter boxes on the market. Use lots of premium cat litter and the owners will charge their automatic litter boxes with new litter as needed. But the "dirty work" is all back to the machine. Many models even have to kick in ionic air purifiers for cleaning implements to ensure that no odors escape machine. After the air is cleaned and disinfected, a rake-like mechanism of sorting waste, detection and removal of lumps and move them to a waiting area so that only clean litter behind. Received standard open a dumpster and seals itself when the shoes in place. The owner has only to throw the container after one week or so, or when full and replace it with a new container.

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