Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can Dogs eat nots? A very common question that people enquire about

Can my dog eats nuts or peanuts? Is it right for my puppy or dog have peanut butter? Why do you think we ask? When American children, most of us were raised on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These are foods that we humans love to snack on.

As we move into adult hood and even in our senior year our peanut butter sandwiches remain high. What is one of the first food we know our puppy? We share a tear-off of our peanut butter sandwich or we take a swipe of peanut butter from the pot and feed our pets. The first time I gave my dog a little peanut butter I thought it was funny, because the peanut butter caught on the upper range of his mouth and he went through such physical disturbance to lick with his tongue. It was very funny watch the clownish antics.

And I'm sure you've discovered that dogs have a sweet tooth and your pet wants more peanut butter. Stop and think a moment. Peanuts in a very small amount will not hurt your canine friend. Repeat often to increase the service may be the problem.

Peanuts are very rich in protein, but these are the concerns:

    * How much salt? - Cardiac problems.
    * How much sugar? - Diabetes can be a problem.
    * How much fat? - Weight gain brings medical problems.
    * What are the chances that your puppy can choke on one of these peanuts?

Nuts such as peanuts should be given to our dogs very sparingly. I hear from people feed their pets cashews and pecans. No problems in small quantities. My dog loves cashews. In my opinion the danger of giving notes to our four legged friends is forgotten or without thinking about it give them nuts that are dangerous or deadly for them. Have you noticed how your favorite shows on television and get so engrossed in your program that you ate the whole can of nuts?

You would feel very bad if you cause your puppy or dog major damage. The two nuts on the danger list for dogs are:

   1. Macadamia nuts
   2. Walnuts

Dogs can eat almost anything people eat. Similar to us, they can cause allergic or adverse reactions. They have many stomach problems resulting in cramps, diarrhea and constipation or other symptoms as allergies.

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