Monday, January 31, 2011

Insight on Feral Cats

The literal meaning of the wild is "wild" and when used to describe a cat usually means they were either born in the wild or have once domesticated, but are lost or abandoned and returned to nature. Feral cats are usually found living in groups or families where there is an easy and abundant food.
Feral cats have a very limited experience with human contact and thus will generally stay away from people and run away if you try to approach it. But if the cat is not too old, it is quite possible that they may ultimately be very loving pets, if properly approached. But be warned it can be a very long process of gentle persuasion and patience on your part. It may take weeks, even months before a wild cat can be comfortable enough to be a part of your family.
It is important that anyone considering a new cat that she wanted a good understanding of the behavior of cats and are willing to do things on cats pace homing. Cats generally learn from experience and thus make the whole process a pleasant socialization will help the cat is not afraid of humans and domestic life to teaching.
There are several steps to socializing your feral cat, and everyone can take weeks or months and may even be repeated as a set back. The first step is to get the cat to a small room or cage where the cat can not escape, and it has no shelters. We need a peaceful environment and is equipped with bedding, fresh water and food and a litter tray. Let them get used to this area for a while before trying to introduce yourself to them. It is important that they feel comfortable.
Next spend some time with them talking softly to them, but try not to touch. After a while you even be able to tempt to take treats from your hand. Repeat this process daily until you feel he will be less afraid of you. Only then try to stroke their heads and backs. If they back away, do not worry, just repeat the treatment regimen is based on a few more days. A useful tip is to not to look directly at your cat if they consider it a threat. Instead either look away or half of your eyes.
Over time the cat would be used for yourself and realize that you are not a threat to them. At this stage, let them wander around the rest of the house and get used to the whole house. Make sure that other people in the house dealing with the cat in the same way as yourself by offering treats. It may take several feral cats in a while for the whole family to accept.
If you have other cats in the neighborhood to ensure your new feral cat has become accustomed to their smell, before he met them, do it by rubbing their bed around his living room, do the same for your existing cats. Feral cats usually respond well to domestic cats and can even help to accelerate the socialization process because they will learn from their behavior.
Finally, if you notice the cat grooming itself and happily use the litter box, it is safe to let them explore the outside world. By this time they have grown accustomed to you and your home, and probably made it a part of their territory and will return to the free dinner and comfortable bed. Many wild cats are very loving pets and have turned to family life very well.

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