Monday, January 31, 2011

An insight on how to keep your hensand chickens safe and away from Cats

Wondering how to keep chickens safe from cats and other predators lurking in your backyard? The first step is to build a secure collaboration or where your chickens and eggs can go to roost at night was now. Besides a solid shelter, you need a sheltered courtyard for massively threatened by neighborhood pets, wild cats and other predators during the day.
A simple, portable fence nets on stilts makes a big loop around a chicken farm, mainly because it is easily moved to the chickens' grassland turning. In this way the grass will grow back while they scratch and reach nearby. To protect birds from cats, electrification off with a battery or solar powered electrifier. This will both discourage predators and keep chickens contained while their access to the grass they need.
Creating a more permanent institution, not involving the movement fence or keep them electric shocks, consider the construction of two large pins on the grass outside of your chicken coop. To two separate rooms give you the benefit of grass rotation, where they can be in one area for a while and then switched to reuse growth possible. Fence built high enough to discourage or even cats at the top with different chains to keep out hawks ignored, is a very robust solution.
Consider buying an expensive dog to guard the flock. Dogs bred or raising sheep, goats, cattle and chickens to protect one of the best and cheapest way to safety and survival of your chickens protection. Shepherds, collie dogs, cows, dogs and other animals, dogs are all good choices, but temperament, training and personality are more important than race. Start with a puppy and introduce him to the chicks from a very young age to help him develop a protected area against birds. He will protect them from cats, which he grows up.
Vigilance is the key to keeping backyard chickens from getting injured. See your chickens as they go through their day, and keeping the cats and other threats lurking. Where stray cats abound, call Animal Control or your neighbors to find out where they come from.
The final element to keep the chickens safe from a cat has the responsibility for them a great, safe crane. Cocks have a natural instinct to protect chickens, they fly at predators with trace flash and loud, squawking strong to deter potential attackers.
Mary Miller holds a backyard chicken flock of 14 chickens and a big dick, sharing chicken

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