Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cats and Aggression

Cat owners often complain that their pet is aggressive. If cats belong to the genus leopards, tigers and lions, it is their natural instinct to be aggressive. But you can train your cat to get over this behavior if you understand why such an aggression.
• Cats love to play with one unit. Therefore, cat owners need to train their pets to get over this habit of attacking people or destroy things while you play. Monitor your cat when pupils dilate. You can also notice the flattening of the ears, or squat. Cats tend to swish their tails when they are aggressive. To curb this behavior, hit hard when you see that your cat is aggressive running. • Remember that cats are very possessive about their territory. So if they see something different animals encroach on their territory, they tend to pick a fight. Their territory was a single room, a backyard or a whole house. This is where they spend most of their time when awake. Space battle worsen when more than one cat in a house. After a struggle, cats tend to fall to the owner. Therefore, if you introduce a new cat, make sure you are physically present with them until they accept each other. • Cats become violent if they suffer from health problems, including neurological disorders, arthritis or sudden severe pain. If you think your cat is ill, take him to a vet immediately. • rash behavior owner is not agreeable to many cats, and so they react in an aggressive manner.

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