Sunday, January 23, 2011

What are some of the reasons for Hair Loss In Dogs

Animals, like people are affected with hair loss and dogs, like other mammals, are susceptible at certain times in their lives. The main reasons for both male and female dog to lose their hair is basically the same and are caused by more than itching of the skin.

Dogs can suffer from allergies and itchy skin

Most dogs suffer from hair loss due to allergic reactions to anything they come into contact. It could be certain foods, hygiene products and household products. Many dogs will follow the same type of allergy. To find out what makes your dog uncomfortable and itchy and causes of thinning hair on your pet, your local veterinarian will be contacted and a patch allergy test to be given to the reasons for the dog to find it.

Dog owners usually want the best for their animals and do everything they can to an uncomfortable situation. If something in or around your home is what your dog is allergic to, try to eliminate this source. Allergens can be almost anything. They can even some things you would expect. They can range from carpet cleaners, metals, plants, on a diet of dog.

If a dog does not take an allergen, may require many approaches to the allergic reaction will occur. If the causes of hair loss from certain foods or medicines, you should dog indicate an allergic reaction, or it can build a response in the near future. As with humans, it is much easier to determine the cause of allergic reactions to tell whether these reactions immediately after ingestion of a substance. Often a mild allergic reaction, and a dog owner may not be able to immediately tell. If so, it can be hard to tell what actually suffer from the dog, and if anything about them, one of the reasons for the loss of her dog.

See that your dog is constantly scratching is a common sign of allergy. Or your dog may suffer from external parasites on his skin, fleas or ticks. This nasty little bug will bite and sometimes infect animal skins. They leave an itchy mark on the skin of the dog. A dog will scratch and try to stop this annoying itch, but before the new hair can grow in the area, the errors must be addressed. Not all dogs have parasites bottom but through a tick and flea collars are useful for all animals.

Inhalation of certain things can be a cause of hair loss for some dogs. Fungi, pollens and other allergens in the air can cause certain detergents, soaps and bleaches. Because some dogs are more prone to allergic reactions than others, it is always best to be vigilant about what your beloved pet is exposed.

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