Saturday, January 22, 2011

What do you think what is the possible reason that Dog chews?

Suddenly, this cute little dog turned into a monster chewing, nothing is safe from his mouth. What happens?
Puppies explore their world through their mouths. Chewing helps relieve the pain of teething and it is necessary for the physical and mental health of a dog. Chewing helps tension and stress.
Because nature is not to use dogs in their hands, their mouths are their source of exploration and their resources to explore new things, tastes, and is a fundamental behavior instilled dogs from the beginning of time.
The puppies start chewing around the age of 3 months, when permanent teeth start to come in and chew them seriously until the age of six to ten months, when most permanent teeth have come in some dogs will continue to chew until they are 18 24 months, because they not only strengthen their jaws, their teeth too.
Adopting good habits of chewing is really your responsibility, and puppies / dogs or do not know something good to think about from a bad thing when they learn.
Give your puppy an old shoe to chew the puppy learns that all shoes are the same for old socks, old handbags, old book or something else you have in the household to chew. The puppy does not know old news, a designer bag from an old sock or a new age. However, you do, then Lesson number one is to be selective in what you give your dog to chew.
Start right away and give your puppy a good chew toy. Currently there is a debate about the safety review of chew toys like rawhide, pig ears, even the many breeds of dog bones, hooves and cow tow. I'm not going to the center of this debate and my suggestion is that if you want your puppy to one of those hotly debated, giving to do. But look how it manages your puppy and if the item you are crumbling into pieces or chunks, discard immediately.
It is strongly recommended that your puppy / dog a stuffed Kong toy or a Buster Cube to address, which is filled with dry food to give. It is not just to keep busy, but also working outside the excess energy.
What are some other reasons dogs chew more teeth. Well, boredom is a primary, dogs need stimulation, and no dogs are cats who can sit and stare into space all day. They need exercise, they have an abundance of energy to be developed. Playtime is important for a puppy or even an adult dog. Walking or jogging in the park can reduce many behavioral responses. Dogs are also very pleased with the tasks, that's where obedience training comes in handy. Because a dog obedience exercises give a goal. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, that's a mantra worth remembrance.
What other causes of chewing? Believe it or not a poor diet can cause. The lack of nutrients in food properly can cause a dog a dog chews on a lot of things in an attempt to meet its needs for certain nutrients. Buy the best food you can afford your pet will not only save you money in medical bills, but will help keep your pet from chewing valuables.
Separation anxiety and / or for too long can also cause a dog to chew. Chewing is a comfort to a dog, he makes his mind. Think for a moment, holds a baby pacifier, a pacifier is a young and we adults enjoy chewing on a few things. We find comfort in what we do and what your dog.
Allergies gaps, chips and newborn nutrition can cause a dog to chew them. If your dog starts chewing on its own and you can not determine whether a flea problem, take your dog to the vet, because it is important to resolve the problem before serious infections can occur.
If your dog is chewing on hard objects can be a sign of a problem of chewing gum or tooth supported.
Dogs chew not be vindictive or hateful. Dogs bite because nature has designed that way and there are certain circumstances in the life of a dog that can encourage chewing, which is not desirable.
What can you do to prevent your valuables chewed?
If you have a new puppy proof your house. Remove all temptations. Shoes, toys, must tights, socks, towels, remote controls, phones and anything else to eat are removed from areas that the pup can easily reach. Remember that the puppy does not know what he can chew what he can not. Give him lots of chew toys and the puppy confined to one area. Let a dog roam your house without supervision, unless you want the destruction to occur.
Older dogs need exercise, they need obedience training, they need to play with you, they need toys to chew, and they should be shown what is acceptable to chew and what is not.
If you have not been able to take the time to train your dog, the dog confined to an area that is cleared of items that can hurt the dog. Not limited to the dog crate for a long time or the dog in the yard to eliminate. Training is your work and you're left with the brains, tell your dog what is acceptable and what is not shown.
Your dog will want and it will if you just do your part.

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