Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do you know that it is very much possible to read Dog's Body Language

Dogs have Their own unique body language as Human Beings. However, When you learn your dog's body language to interpret, you better understand what They Say Based On Their body, ears, eyes and tail. Understanding your dog's body language is important, and it help you to find out What other dogs Can Tell You That You Are not familiar with.

When your dog happy
Most people with dogs know when Their dog is happy, Because The body language is easy to read. Usually wagging tail is quick, ears upright, eyes wide open and Their mouth is relaxed. The body is straight, but the back end wiggling tail wagging Will Be. A happy and excited language is easy to read.

The Frightened Dog
If your dog is Anxious, You May Want to read it in His body. First, Their Ears Will Be Slightly put back, while their Eyes as wide open as They Are When They Are Happy. Their mouths closed, the body looks tense, and May They even decline a bit as the submissive position. Tail Will Be Slightly lower, and the dog whining. Anxious dogs are Usually the separation anxiety They Know When Their Owners are away or They Are in Unfamiliar Territory.

The Frightened Dog
When a dog is Fearful That Often it is mistaken for aggression, Which is why it is important to note the difference. First, His ears are Usually flat on the head, face white and his eyes squinted Narrowed or. Over more, the body Seems tense, dived down, your dog chills (shaking), and back at an angle downward with tail tucked ITS Between the hind legs. Some dogs are scared even to cry or roar depends on the situation.

Confident and alert dog
Often it is confused with the body happy, Because They Are very similar in many respects. For example, the ear or the right of the dog (or upright as a floppy dog ears), eyes wide open with no white showing, Their body is relaxed and upright, with Their tails up (if your dog's tail is Naturally curly, then It Will Be On His up and back). Usually there is no whining or barking like dogs just to warn you.

Rabid Dog
The aggressive body language is very easy for people to read, Because The dog looks vicious, growling and snarling sounds makes. Typically, the ear will come back or forward, eyes fixed on the goal, Remains open, teeth showing (growling), the body Appears tense, and body hair They stand willing Swollen prone to dominate, and the tail; air.

Final Thoughts

By knowing the differential body language signals to your dog or another dog to help you understand what your dog is trying to say or feel. If You Have A Dog That You Are Not Taking familiar with the aggressive stance, You Should slowly away from the dog When you take safety.

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