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Here are some facts on Labrador retriever

Fast Facts
Labrador retriever is one of the most popular pet in America today, and one of the top choice for dog lovers everywhere. Their sweet nature, innocent enthusiasm and desire for a beloved part of the family helped Labs remain popular for decades. Typically weighs 55-80 pounds and stand about two feet tall, Labrador Retriever is one of the most relaxed pet a parent can ask, and is a wonderful addition to any home.
There are few people who do not come bundled with a Labrador retriever and a lab is a dedicated off those who do not even animal lovers. They're relatively low maintenance, but loving, playful and energetic.
One reason Labrador retriever who is so well liked that they are easy to live with, and seldom aggressive, temperamental, moody, or cumbersome. They can quit, and even welcome, the rough play and consistently find that a household with young children can offer. But at the end of the day, your Lab more than happy to jump on the sofa and watch with you while you watch TV.
If you add a Labrador retriever puppy for home, but is willing to come armed with patience and energy. (For example, the dog in the hit movie Marley & Me is a yellow Lab.) At a younger age, endearing qualities of dog ownership is difficult to control and restrict, and a bend in the direction of the destructive take. Fun is the Labrador retriever's middle name, which could come in the form of chew your favorite slippers, or playing leapfrog on the furniture. Once the facility has reached a year old, but they will begin to settle into an obedient, well-trained dog to develop.
Sometimes keeping your Lab introvert can be a challenge. Although generally very obedient and well trained dog companions, some things send a Lab, and walks, whether a neighbor's cat, a squirrel or an alarming sound. Fences and leashing required every time your Lab is outside.
Grooming & Design
A Labrador retriever is easy to spot, even though his ancestry is mixed with another race. Labs come in many sizes and colors but are mostly medium to large animals with puppy-dog eyes and long floppy ears. The Lab has a wide, clean cut head, and can be a solid color or have spots randomly decorate their bodies.
A lovely outdoor dog by nature, the Lab is probably not fussy or high maintenance when it comes to medical care. Actually they are more likely to go into the house covered in mud or splash in the bath than they are for a trip to the caretaker of the question. Basic maintenance is all that furry bundle of joy requires and so they are ready to run, play and dirty again.
Labs have a short, thick hair that always seems to be abundant, especially when the seasons change. For this reason they are not ideal companions for people with severe pet allergies, or those who are adamant about keeping the house spotless at all times.
Health and lifestyle
While only an average intelligence, is a wonderful communicator, Lab, and when trained properly, will tell you what they need and responds to your commands.
Labs is one of the most relaxed and friendly dogs and do best with the type of owner of the shares of these personality characteristics. A quiet, reserved pet parent to a dog would prefer to stay off the furniture and not go into the house could easily become frustrated with the presence of playful, fun-loving Lab, and the dog would feel stopped by a house with too many rules and not enough freedom.
With an average lifespan of 10-12 years, and few live to 16-18 years, the Lab one of the more healthy and active breeds around. Because of its size and energy level, your Lab has a great appetite, which makes them prone to obesity and obesity-related diseases if they do not exercise enough, especially in recent years. Labs such as age, hip dysplasia and arthritis are common problems, but most of these symptoms by keeping active and leading a balanced life. An older Lab may not want to get out on rainy or snowy days, and will prefer to lie by the fireplace in the sun.
Who should own?
Labrador retriever is one of the best family dogs around, especially if your family includes children and teenagers. Although Lab is very flexible and can make a home in almost any type of environment they do best in larger households, especially those with a large fenced backyard.
Activity and exercise in the open air of great importance to the Lab even at 10-14 years old, most still love to run, jump and play. Although happy to either a city or a country dog, a Lab owner ready to go hiking, and many of them! If your normal routine includes running, walking, jogging, hiking, fishing, hunting or camping, the Lab just your perfect partner because they love nature and have the energy to keep up.
Although not aggressive by nature, makes Labs wonderful watchdogs and protectors because they smell and acute hearing. They are territorial, both their place and their beloved relatives, and probably the dog barking at a storm on the postman every day. But they also learn very quickly to approve everyone who came into the house and a family member is approaching the house, not only to identify their footsteps, but also the sound of the horn.

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