Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Insight on Cat Infrastructure

Did I mention that I live in an apartment with three cats? Yes, that was actually quite a few cats that are roaming in an apartment with two bedrooms, one which I share my wife. We're getting pretty good, not too much fuss problems, but I think it's because we learned how cats give place to hang out not in the way of what is happening.
In the lounge we have a cat tree in front of the main window of the balcony. The scratching post is something we would like to get for a long time, but we decided to finally take the plunge and some money to spend on a good one. It really is not very expensive, but it is a major upgrade of our three cats. Finally, some areas of their own hang and do their thing. They will just love the fact that it is high. So they like climbing to the top of the IT and sit and look down, it is 6 meters high.
This is obviously most interested in the apartment structure, so it tends to keep the cats from trying to see the other things we do not want them climb climb.
Another thing we want to do give them a certain structure, we try them a good perch to sit in front of the window.
My wife has some plants in our apartment, all the windows. We always ensure that the platform that the plants, there is enough space for cats to sit there.
The cats like to sit and look out the window of course, and gives them the structure to sit on and easy to do, so it really helps to avoid the soldiers in order to deter them from unwanted places our furniture.
The trick is to know what your cat, and then give it to them in a way that is not disturbing for us. We have found that cats like structure, so it is best to give it to them and give them their own structures to live so they do not bother with the rest of our stuff.
We used to do with cats in boxes, cat climbing on top of the doors, cat sleeping with all banks, and much more. And now we have a good structure of their own in a 3 tier scratching post, we just do not really care about that more fighting.

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