Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some basic information on small Dogs

Small dogs are perfect for a number of reasons. Unlike dogs of medium and large, you do not have to worry about living in a small apartment, or not being able to touch something that you age. In many dogs are abandoned because their owners were elderly and could no longer take care of a large dog. They are much easier to feed, and some can even train you to use a litter box. They make good companions because they are sitting next to you or on your lap.
There are three different types of small breed of dog. You regularly small dogs such as beagles, terriers and dachshunds. This is the largest of the small breeds. The same toy and miniature dogs, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, pug and some examples. All these breeds make great companion dogs, and they can travel together with a small toy dog that can fit in a large bag. Toy dogs have a tendency to throw less and be picked up when you need to go faster.
Among the ten most popular breeds of dogs are small Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshunds, and the poodle, to name a few. The miniature Schnauzer comes in tenth, but was still a great dog. They want to be part of the family and included in everything they do. They are a great guard dog, in that they can alert you to danger, like a man trying to break into your house, but they can not do much else. Some are more aggressive than others, and try to bite a stranger to get close to their owners. Pomeranian, Boston Terrier and Chihuahua to try a few bites.
If you want to own a puppy, there are things to watch. The first is that many of these breeds have dental problems later in life, gingivitis, tooth decay, and a tendency to under bite. You need to keep an eye on the board, and talk to your vet for advice on how to prevent it. You may have to brush their teeth or giving them different food. If you have long hair of the dog, it should be fed at least once daily to prevent knots and matting. You can keep the dog's coat short if you live in warmer regions. Winter must be careful too, because small dogs can be cold and respiratory problems, whether in the elements for too long. They are more fragile, be careful not to hurt them or leave them around big dogs because they have a bad habit of wanting to be the boss.
You can get more information on the breed of dog on many sites. Small dogs seem more popular than their larger brethren, and you are not always available in animal shelters and dog adoption agency. You can find a local store for pets and dog breeders in your area online. There are also many different advice on how to take care of her, and what kind of special care of their needs.

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