Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shaving cats is not a joke, it's a tough job

HI! my name is Robert and I have had more than 5 cats in my life time. I have 3 cats that currently around 17 years old. I use to shave them when they Hairballs used to get really bad and have them walk around half shaved. Not a pretty sight! I do not know what to do because they Hairballs are becoming more frequent. I finally took them to the vet and they explained to me that as cats get older allow them to digest or cough up a hairball becomes more difficult. So in turn Hairballs get bigger and become more frequent. When Hairballs come to a certain size, the skin in the middle of the hairball hairball pulled up. Because of that it makes the cut or shave it difficult. If you are not careful you can seriously harm the cat in the process.
I personally have shaved 3 cats and would say it is not an easy or fun thing to do. All I can say is that I strongly recommend leaving shaved for professionals if Hairballs get it bad! Their is also a small risk of damage to you, especially if the cats still have their nails. My suggestion is that if you first see signs of Hairballs, start brushing them often. Their are plenty of hairball medicine to help their digestive system slowing Hairballs. Your local pet store can help you get the right tools to help reduce the amount of your cat gets Hairballs.

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