Saturday, January 22, 2011

Insight on dog's digestive system

A dog's digestive system is a highly specialized anatomical structure. To understand how it works and what they need help if you know how it compares to other types of digestion in the animal kingdom.

Herbivores (plant-eaters) have the longest digestive tract in mammalian kingdom. Some of them want the cows have multiple stomachs to break down and ferment various plant materials. True herbivores have the ability to digest cellulose plants and plant products and rely on plants for a complete diet. They have flat blunt teeth, which they use to grind grain and cellulose. Their jaws have the ability to move sideways and grind their food. Of course dogs do not fall under that category, and their digestive organs are not designed to assimilate or reduce plant material.

Omnivorous (plant and meat eaters) have a stomach and intestines are shorter than the cow, but longer than the dog. They have the ability to digest vegetation, but they have enough acid and enzymes in their guts to digest animal protein well. Their ability to degrade cellulose is limited, and they have both vegetation and animal proteins for nutritional support. Omnivores have a combination of sharp teeth used for ripping and tearing flesh and selects space used for grinding grains and plants.

Carnivores (meat eaters), as the shortest dog's digestive system of mammals in the kingdom. Their jaws are articulated and contain sharp knife, such as choosing which enables them to swallow large pieces of flesh and gorge themselves. This ability makes a lot of dogs to eat and then rest until the next dead consume. Dogs are direct descendants of wolves, they require meat protein to stay healthy and alive. Dogs have the ability to digest and assimilate cellulose and have no real need or desire for corn or vegetable foods.

The dog is a carnivore with a digestive system and process to break down and assimilate protein, fat and bone. Their bellies have a much higher level of hydrochloric acid to digest and process meat protein.

Many commercial grade dog food produced on the premise that a dog's digestive system is equal to man. Because it is cheaper to make dog food grain and vegetable matter many times the main ingredient in dog food is corn, wheat, or other type of plant carbohydrates.

Many veterinarians believe that quality commercial dog food is garbage, and even married. Some of them have declared all carbohydrates are not required for the nutritional needs of dogs. It is not difficult to understand if you think a wolf would starve before corn or other plant foods. Dogs have a wide range of amino acids found only in meat. To nurture plant products will only shorten their lives and destroy their health.

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