Monday, January 24, 2011

Hve you ever wondered why Dogs lick everything?

As you know, the dogs man's best friend. They can be great companions and playmates. However, you ever wondered why a dog turd to lick everything? There is nothing worse than the house of a friend in your best clothes, only licked the submission by Fido.
First and foremost it is important to realize that Fido is simple affection. Puppies mother dogs learn this behavior at a very young age. You notice this when your dog licks you read just before I go to sleep. This behavior is probably not a medical problem, Fido say good night.
Once you determine the rule, a medical problem and that the issue is behavior, it is important to define the measures. The animal behavior experts can help you some background information on your first visit. Determine the length of episodes of licking, and the frequency obtained. Determining whether a stimulus that behavior.
Whereas the excess can only be a minor annoyance to you leak, the dog owner, could mean damage to the dog or medical problems. Licking surfaces such as carpet, dog hair or fiber intake, which will probably lead to a potentially life-threatening bowel obstruction may result. This would require immediate surgery. If there is no incentive, or the licking behavior is new to your dog, this may indicate a medical problem.
Finding the root of the behavior to determine whether a transition to the vet is necessary. Note that dogs are indeed animals, so to lick some extent is normal and part of their training.

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