Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why do cat Bruises?

Bruises on the cat for no apparent reason is a sign that something may be seriously wrong with your pet and can be three different reasons. This bruising may be associated with a systemic disorder or a disease and you can see the signs can vary from a very small scratches or symptoms indicate that your pet's life may be at the point of compromise.
However, whatever the real reasons, bruises, even if the cause is known, should always be considered as a very serious threat and should never be ignored.
In fact, if the cause of unknown causes, you should immediately contact your veterinarian if the chances are that your cat will begin to be pale, weak or very anxious. Bruises in cats is not a normal condition and should be treated as seriously as wheezing or coughing.
The severity of the bruising will depend on the amount of blood lost and a part of your body can affect cats. Bleeding disorder is almost always the cause of bruises, but it is very important to understand that what you see when a sudden rub your pet is just what appears on their skin, membrane, mouth, nose, or around the eyes.
The bruises you see more serious.
There are several symptoms you can look for bruises on the cats, and some are different types of bruises, while others were signs of bruising and internal bleeding.
The first symptom is of course the sudden appearance of bruising or swelling that is in or under the skin of the cat. However, there are other ways of bruises that you need to look for that are not as clear. The first is a very small point, almost mimicking a small area the size of the needle, or a little bleeding that suddenly your pet's gums.
You can also see this same small dots suddenly appeared and then spread your white cats with their eyes or inside of the lid. When symptoms occur, you can also see two other significant symptoms, bleeding begins to seep into your room for Cats Eye and nose bleeds.
If the bruising and bleeding internally, you can use the sudden appearance of blood in the urine or stool, and your cat will begin to turn pale gums due to anemia. However, perhaps the most feathers of all symptoms and a warning is a real sore or a cut that was bleeding so much that you can not get stopped. At this point, the first bruise has turned into an extremely dangerous situation for your cat.
Bruises in cats is the result of bleeding disorders clotting of your pet as sloppy affect blood clot. It may be due to a coagulation disorder, but it also causes platelet disorders and vascular diseases. The actual process takes place when your cat blood platelets, which are tiny particles of blood clotting at the site of any kind of a break or crack in the wall of the vein of your cat.
If all three of these processes is the distribution at the same time, your cat has absolutely no chance to survive if the bruising was almost burst to the point that your cat will appear as blue spots on their bodies. This deviation can and will happen, but it's really rare in cats. Yet one of the three problems affecting cats of any age race or gender.
The most common cause of the three, contrary to common belief, is not a clotting disorder, but rather of a platelet disorder. The cats in your platelets are crucial for this process, and the pain that occurs when platelets suddenly drops, raises, or one reason or another malfunction results in bruising. These small particles of blood are produced in the bone marrow of your cat.
A disturbance in this process by which they are either destroyed or removed before they can target their work.
This condition can be inherited and show up early in the kitten, but in most cases are obtained. There are a number of infections that blood platelets may decrease the most common are viral infections like feline leukemia, immunodeficiency, or panleukopenia virus. Cancer Myelophthisis also affects the bone marrow of your cat down, and kidney or liver.
There is also some use of live vaccine virus and consequently can lead to bruising. However, one of the fastest growing concern and once thought that only one problem with the dog heart worm disease. Heart worm, even with only one or two, may seriously deplete platelet count on your cat while vicious.
Vasculitis, which is a condition that causes inflammation and destruction than the vessels causes, not just your cat removes platelets from circulation, but also severely weakens the vessel wall. This condition is particularly dangerous because it affects both arteries and veins of your cat.
Diabetes, which occurs in older cats, including damage to vessel walls and eventually cause the bruises to appear on your cat. Uremia, which is a condition where there is an increase in waste products that are not cleaned because of broken stone, can also cause severe bruising to develop very quickly.
Coagulation disorders may also play a role and is usually caused by liver disease or toxicity due to ingestion of warfarin with your cat, is the main ingredient used in both the rat and rat poison and it is not exactly what it was meant to do stop the clotting process by decomposition of vitamin K in your cats system.

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