Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did you know that Omega-3 supplies countless health benefits for cats.

Just like Omega-3 is essential for the health of people, it is also crucial when it comes to the health of cats. Omega-3 provides many health benefits for cats. Besides making a cat fur shiny and clean, whether these essential fatty acids help smooth functioning of joints in a cat, organs and immune systems. It is therefore essential for a healthy cat food that the ideal amount of omega-3 to choose.
Food consisting of omega-3 from fish sources, the healthiest forms of cats, like those from plant sources will be more challenging to be used by the cats' body. Researchers have yet to deliver the required dose of omega 3 that a cat may have needs and there is research on the exact health benefits put in place. Of these, omega 3 is not officially recognized as an essential element of a healthy cat's diet.
Since this fatty acid is not technically recognized as critical to the health of cats cat food producers are not bound to the amount of omega-3 record. Despite this, experts at the National Research Council Division, which offers cat and dog food are convinced that the necessary omega-3 for a moderate cats, so choose a food consists of fish, or even an appropriate amount of fatty fish may be useful to the health of a cat.
Generally there are two factors in mind when selecting healthy cat food with sufficient Omega-3. As mentioned before fatty acids from fish sources will be much better than vegetables. Always choose foods that contain fish or their by-products in the ingredient list. There is no fee for this important nutrient, but it is probably very low.
In essence, provided that the food fish in one way or another will come with enough omega-3, which is important for a healthy cat diets.

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