Saturday, January 22, 2011

What are your Thoughts can Dogs and Cats be friends?

There comes a time in (almost) all animal-loving household dog and cat needs. Or is the dog meets cat? Cats and dogs are so often portrayed as mortal enemies, but in reality, they can be best friends!
There are a few factors that go into whether your household is one of harmony or a frantic hunt, hissing, scratching, and perhaps a bloody nose or two.
I grew up with cats and dogs. We had a kitten that would "nurse" on our Poodle (not really!) And later, a Sheltie named Bonnie, who was so good with all the cats, we even a kitten named Clyde.
We currently have a young Shetland Sheepdog to mercilessly haunt and torment cats when her fate. Then I learned that all animals and all households are different.
Be The Cat Here's a peek into the psyche of a cat being introduced to a dog :.?.? "Oh, that thing is worth what it once was looking at me, why is it so decided I would attack me, this is good!" Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away. "
Dogs eye view The dog, of course, comes from another world! He thinks: "Oh boy, oh boy, a friend Yipee, let along play chase, let me smell you can smell me betcha can not catch me A friend, friend!"
So how well cats and dogs get together has a lot to do with how well the dog can be tamed. If he is not interested in cats, is not likely to come of it. If he must hunt, not handcuffed when he learns his lesson on the nose, you want to intervene.
The last thing you want is a pet to be either depressed or they feel your love lost. If your cat can not come to you for pets and hugs, because the dog always blocking the way, she will soon need. The same applies if they no longer walk from the house if they can not come to her tray table, sofa or favorite place.
This can be presented in the form of cat aggression, cat problems, or a host of other common cat behavior problems. So what should I do? Some training is in order. You can not train a cat to a dog smelling her leg hair or bark at her. But you can train a dog to be more polite.
For puppies and young energetic dog, this may simply mean keeping them separated for a while. After all, your puppy learn the ropes when it comes to many things. And just as a very young human children, he just did not have self control.
He has a strong desire to please you, though. Then use it to your advantage and praise him when he can let the cat go by without trying to attack her.
Never allow hunting. The dog must be firmly reminded that this is undesirable. Use your voice, calmly distract him by name and firm say "No" Remove him from the hunt. He may need to be separated for a bit.
Elderly cats and dogs can be introduced slowly and usually coexist without much hassle. Some cats are very easy going. And some dogs just do not care about cats. If yes, then you're ready! Otherwise, a gentle introduction and a certainty that every pet is their safe place helps. Who knows, maybe the best buds on the way!

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