Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learn what you can do to get Your Dog's Weight Down

It is cruelty?

More than 35 million dogs in America will be inundated in a state of obesity and premature death, according to statistics from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP).

"We are killing our dogs by making them obese," according to Dr. Ernie Ward, a 20-year vet, founder of APOP, obesity and author of the dog book "Chow Hounds."

"Owners who think their dogs are" fluffy, "stuck in the greasy hole," says Dr Ward. But because we believe that our dogs look "normal" does not mean they are.

But it is possible for your down to reduce weight by a simple three-program: cut deals, reducing food and get started.

What is overweight? "

Like the standards for humans, obesity is defined as a subject with a weight of 30% over his ideal body weight. For purebred dogs, you can find their ideal weight within the breed standards of the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club websites.

What about mixed breed dogs? The best way to assess your dog's weight:

(A) feel it (feel the ribs, there are rollers in the back or belly fat?) And
(B) examine (a waist you see overhead? A stomach hanging down?)

If you are able to be really objective and does not resolve your dog needs to cut, where to start? Well first the dreaded disclaimer: Ask your vet for advice specific to your dog associated with a weight loss program. He or she can have some good suggestions, or you can simple three-part program.

Triptych program for your dog to reduce weight

1. Cut out all treats

The first and easiest step is to cut all treats, especially leftovers. If you really feel that your dog has worked a treat, try a 'baby' carrots or a good ear scratch. Almost all dogs love not!

The worst that owners enter their pets these days are the innocent-looking treats in between meals. These roasted, fried, bone-shaped biscuits, chews and cookies are so much salt, fat and sugar and so addictive that Dr. Ward refers to them as "chunks crack."

And no scraps or "deal" was with child.

2. Gradually reduce his dog

Second, gradually reduce your puppy's caloric intake over a few weeks. How? Keep feeding the same amount as you are - and to measure.

Then a few weeks gradually reduced the measured amounts to about 70% of its original size.

Hint: feeding your dog at the same time and share meals in smaller portions more frequently throughout the day to help him cope.

3. With a move to

Thirdly, the hardest part.

If you're not a regular walking program with your dog, beginning today.

Start small and build over time. For the first week, a walk of 10 minutes enough to get the ball rolling to get. Increase this to 5 minutes per week for up to half hour.

Add half short walk one day - from 10 minutes. Soon you will be up to 2 x 30 minutes walking per day and both you and your dog will see amazing results!

Weigh your dog regularly and chart your progress. If you're a toy size dog can be an ideal dish for him at any major pet store.

You want to enjoy as much time as you can with your dog, use these tips to help keep her weight down and help him live longer and healthier.

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