Sunday, January 23, 2011

Were you aware of the fact that Dogs just like humans also have fears

Like humans, dogs also have fears. It is very common for dogs to be afraid of things, people, loud noises, darkness or other dogs, based on past experience to develop. If your dog is from a previous owner who might be cruel or insulting, your dog probably has what appears to be irrational fears. The older dog is more difficult fear rejection. But there are ways to relieve anxiety, so your dog can be a happy member of your household.
Fear of dogs appear in several ways. To determine your dog's specific fears, fearful behavior. Anxious behavior may be huddled, shivering, whimpering, lower tail, uncontrollable and pies to hide. Often dogs lost after running away from fear and confusion. This is often observed during vacation when the houses are filled with loud and noisy guests. Once you know your dog's fear, is committed to protecting your dog and ensure his safety during these times.
Animals are often afraid of loud noises. This condition, known as 'Gun Shy', although not always to the noise of the sound of a shot to be. Usually they were hunting, Gun Shy supposedly tied to a pole when a gun is fired in the area in anticipation of fear to pass. This is unnecessarily brutal even the way training is very effective.
Today, creating a peaceful environment is the best way to train a dog in dealing with his fears. Speaking in a soft and subdued tone can help to preserve this peaceful atmosphere. If your pet fears thunderstorms, making a closed retreat and give praise, while creating a sense of calm. This will help the dog cope with his fears easier. Other events that loud noises cause fireworks. So make sure to bring your dog to prevent running away.
Other people may fear dogs because they can be abused and mistreated at times. When this apparent fear, building confidence instead of fear. Always the dog in a quiet environment and gradually approaching while you talk softly to the animal. Avoid sudden movements. Gradually introduce more people to the dog, but not for a bunch of individuals to get the dog at a time. You may also need to separate your dog from other dogs if sufficient trust is developed. Furthermore, if your dog exhibits aggressive behavior, he probably uses fear and aggression as a defensive measure.

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