Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here is an insight on how one can identify common Pneumonia symptoms in cat

Pneumonia is a condition where the lungs are affected, either because the inflammation or infection. Cats are also susceptible to pneumonia as a person, and if not identified and treated at the right time can end in death. That is why it is very important to identify the symptoms of pneumonia in cats in the early stages of the disease itself. Timely and adequate assistance will also give much needed aid for pets.
Pneumonia is a disease of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungal infection. Rarely, pneumonia can also be caused by inhaling foreign substances into the lungs. Pneumonia may also occur as a secondary status in case of compromised immunity cases. The virus infection is usually due to para-and Calci virus strains.
Here are some symptoms you can identify that will help you get timely medical treatment for your pet.
Irregular and rapid breathing is one of the first signs that the cat has got some problems with his lungs. The cat breathes in and breathing is tiring pants. This is due to the insufficient oxygen supply to the lungs.
Improper functioning of the lungs can affect the heart rate. You may feel a rapid heartbeat caused by the extra effort in the heart of the failure of the lungs balance. There is also extra pressure and the fear of cats caused by irregular breathing, which in turn affects the heart and makes it rise.
Coughing is a symptom often seen in cats with pneumonia. The hacking cough is type and can vary in intensity depending on the degree of progression of the disease.
If infection occurs it is usually accompanied by fever. Fever is the result of the efforts of the body to fight off infections. The cat feels warm to the touch, and you should vet the cat to consult before giving the medicine itself.
Fusing is the term used to describe the tense muscles and is due to the incessant coughing. There may be muscle that you can feel when you touch the cat.
Presence of bluish mucosa suggests that the cat is inadequate amount of oxygen caused by improper functioning of the lungs. It occurs when the disease has evolved considerably, and you need immediate veterinary help to deal with the cat to get.
Apart from the above symptoms is also a general tiredness and lethargy seen in cat that brought on by the disease. The disease is low, regardless of the energy of the cat has left him weak and stressed.
Since pneumonia is a disease that cause serious injury or even cause death to your cat, you should be aware of the different symptoms will be found if the disease occurs. This will allow you to provide the necessary help from the vet and prompt treatment of the cat with antibiotics so that infection will be monitored, and the cat will be restored to its normal state of health.

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