Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here are some Nutrional tips for older Cats

Since your cat will live more than half of their life as a senior, it is important to understand how best to meet nutritional needs of older cats. It is common for older cats to put on weight because they are much less active, and although there are some big steps in cat care for both veterinary and educate cat owners, cat more also a problem with optimal absorption of nutrients and not always the most enjoy their food.
One of the main problems you will encounter when looking for an older cat is the struggle to keep their weight at an appropriate level. Cat's are classified as seniors 7-11 after 11 years of age he an adult cat. So from the age of 7 your cat is classified as an older cat, and therefore have different nutritional needs.
Many brands of cat food from Iams cat's whiskers and series designed to entertain your cat for a kitten to an older cat. While it may be easier for your wallet if you opt for a cheaper cat food, it would be better for you and your cat if you can help your cat a long and happy life. Cat custom made for each cat life stage can help to do it.
As humans and cats age, their ability in their body to adjust itself decreases, both for their ability to take care of themselves, such as cleaning and care. Unfortunately, older cat illnesses and weight problems is a big problem.
When a cat reaches the age of seven they begin to focus on. You may find that they have more time to sleep, less time hunting, the combination of a slower metabolism results in weight gain to bear.
But when a little older, about 11 years themselves tend to go, so they are more interested in food. If they could hardly taste and smell of food they do not get much joy in food. Then, they will not eat as much and they start to lose weight. Not only did they take less interest in food, their bodies are less able to absorb what they need. As a result, more well-digested food really means less is available to be converted into energy. Therefore, your cat will use energy stored in their muscles, which are dangerous.
It is essential to keep an eye on the amount your cat eats older, encourage them to play and keep themselves and if there is no difference in behavior they should report to your treat animals if it could save their lives.
Older cats need a little more careful as they did when they were younger, but I'm sure they've given you years of love and affection, so it should be easy to retaliate.

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