Friday, January 21, 2011

Why do Dogs tilt their Head?

Head tilt in dogs can be a sign of simple curiosity or a playful acts on a part of your dog, or it may be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your pet. If only occasionally a sign there is nothing to worry about. It may be the first sign you will see that there is something wrong with your dog vestibular system.

If this continues, it may over time begin the cause of your dog falls, rolls, or a circle without any reason explained. If it is difficult, it can even lead to what the referee as nystagmus, which is a very strange jerky movements of the eyes.

Sustained head tilt your dog or turning your head from side to side is usually an indication that your pet's vestibular system is affected. The vestibular system in your dog's body, functions of both balance and equilibrium. It accomplishes this task by automatically evaluating head and body movement in relation to their position in space. Then generates a neural code with this information and distributes it to different locations along your dogs central nervous system.

These features in all cases, the majority has largely completed reflex and is considered unconscious functions until they are disturbed. Most of this system lies in your inner ear and the dog is a very delicate feeling that is completely surrounded by hard bone situated at the foot of your pet's head.

It serves as the main link between the brain and auditory and vestibular nerves.
The inner ear is also very closely tied to the middle and outer ear, and it is usually an infection of some kind of inner or middle ear, which is a disturbance in this natural process will lead to getting your dog's head tilt. But there is another potentially dangerous effects that can occur in symptoms.


Head tilt in your dog can be the first real sign that you can see a very serious underlying medical condition, other than just an inner or middle ear infections. There are several symptoms you can look after your dog developing this condition. In most cases the symptoms will start very slowly and increasing their gravitational force, but who cough in dogs, symptoms can develop very quickly.

The first set of symptoms, you will see will be an obvious tip of your pet's head of one or the other. But this will not lift a standard that is playful and curious nature. When the tilt is persistent, they can then begin to fall, circle or role. Most of them will be in the same direction as head tilt.

If this starts to happen very quickly check your dog's ears for redness or any kind of pain. If the root cause of an infection in your ear, touch your dogs ears will be very painful for them.

The following set of symptoms that usually surface in nausea and vomiting caused by the imbalance that your dog is suffering now. There are two other symptoms that can also develop and can provide insight into other possible causes of head tilt giving. The first will be a mild to severe pain in your dog when they try to do something to chew or even open their mouths.

The other is a condition known as nystagmus, which is a rhythmic and oscillatory movement of the eyes. This can be a very frightening experience for each owner and equally frightening for your dog. This to-and-out movement is an involuntary action that will occur in vertical movements. But even though they are not so common, these movements can also be horizontal.

This symptom can look like your dog is obsessed with something like this can be daunting. Although not always associated with severe brain damage, which is one of the main causes of these frightening symptoms and can occur very quickly after the first head tilt in your dog.


Vestibular symptoms are causing this tilt will have made two main reasons: The inner ear or middle ear, or brains. For this reason it is very important to the events and the frequency document to help your veterinarian in the rapid identification of the real problem. If it is a disease of the brain of a kind, time is crucial.

The most common cause is an infection of your dog middle or inner ear caused by bacterial infections or ear mites. Although mites are more common in cats, but also affect dogs and they spread very quickly form close contact with another infected dog. They may be inflammatory symptoms such as bacterial or fungal infections, and it will cause intense itching in your dog. But there is another reason why many owners are aware that grass seed.

If all owners can attest to your dog likes to roll in the grass. If you have recently placed your lawn and your dog suddenly develops head tilt, this may be the cause.

The next major cause of Geriatric Canine Idiopathic vestibular syndrome that affects older dogs. It is intended as idiopathic, simply because in most cases there is no ear infection, no problems in the brain, and consequently no real known cause is known, add to the mystic. It can not cause, but it's still a very painful ordeal for your dog.

Ototoxicity, which is a reaction to a substance or chemical can also cause. If your dog has a new drug for whatever reason, and suddenly they start their head tilt, draw your attention vets asap.

Encephalitis which is inflammation in your dog's brain, usually caused by a viral infection or a hypersensitivity to a virus that can also be the cause. Some of the diseases may be underlying causes include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and blastomycosis coccidiomycosis. But the underlying cause of a tumor or a cancer to develop will affect your dogs ears and their minds.

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