Monday, January 31, 2011

Things you can do to prevent bladder infections in Cats

The occurrence of bladder infections in cats, unlike what most people think, it is not difficult. With the right combination of food supplements, water and health, a bladder infection or other urinary problems in cats can be easily avoided. As a cat owner, this is something you should know. So make sure you read this article.
When it comes to preventing bladder infection in cats, there are three important things you should take.
1. Good nutrition
2. Clean water
3. Good health supplements
Now see a detailed overview of these factors to be taken and why they are so important.
Good nutrition
Cats, in case you do not know, are designed by nature to raw, unprocessed foods rich in protein foods. These foods keep their uric acid which is ideal for their health. That's why you never a cat in the wild suffering bladder stones or urinary tract infections.
On the other hand, are domesticated cats fed a regular commercial, processed food for pets that are rich in carbohydrates, starches and other substances harmful to health contains. Consequently, their urine is alkaline in nature and are vulnerable to diseases of the urinary tract. When selecting a cat to consider dry or canned (as an additional source of moisture) and look for labels that say "complete and balanced" and find the seal that says AAFCO nutritional adequacy was validated animal tests based on the protocols of the Association of American Control Officials feed.
Clean water
Water is the most basic needs of all animals. Tap water is fine if the filtered water or your area is known for its high quality. Cats are not naturally drink lots of water. Instead, their bodies are based on the moisture in food. So take your cat to drink plenty of clean water and make sure it continues to be well hydrated. One trick is to put a dish up water in a place where your cat is very calm. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent urinary tract infections in cats.
Health Supplements
There are some very effective natural homeopathic remedies for urinary problems in cats. These remedies contain powerful herbs that can cure all kinds of urinary problems in cats. They can treat the symptoms and the cause of cystitis in cats and prevent recurring infections.
Above all, they are safe. Even when administered with other drugs, they do not cause side effects or allergic reactions. Yes, they can be given as a supplement to the health of your cat. A regular dose of these supplements to improve the capacity of your cat disease resistance and improve overall health.
It seems simple, right? Good food, potable water, and some good natural health supplements are all you need to make sure your cat stays healthy and happy for a long period. Cystitis in cats is a painful, serious problem and may even be fatal if untreated. If you suspect your cat has an infection, consult your veterinarian.
But as I mentioned, it can easily be avoided if the advice above. Prevention, as they say, is always better than cure. So, take the right decision today and the care of your cat.


  1. Thanks for sharing that article. Its so interesting! Urinary infections in cats

  2. This has been most informative and helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I have been wondering why my cat has been getting recurrent infections and this may just hopefully help me prevent them from happening again to my pet.

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