Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tips to decide which breed of kid friendly dogs you should get

For those who have children, pick the best child-friendly breed of dog is important. Surely the dogs a cute, friendly and all, but not all dogs are suitable for children, especially those who are three years and under. The right temperament of the dogs is essential if you want your child to a long relationship with your dog.
When it comes to deciding what breed of child-friendly dogs are welcome home part of the family, not just your decision based solely on looking at dog pictures and say to yourself, "Hey, I bet Nathan is a bit like him!"
There are other important factors to consider in order to avoid the wrong choice can end up with a dog accidentally hurt a child / s. These factors are size, fur quality, fur length, activity and type of care.
Below is a list of child-friendly dogs that are commonly recommended by breeders, veterinarians and dog trainers. Together, the above factors, you can now make an informed decision.
1) retrievers - they are the "Dogs and Labrador weighing 50-60 pounds any time, a golden retriever weight 60-80 pounds. They are good kids, because they are very friendly and tolerant playful jab care for the children.
Another good quality retrievers is that they remain playful like a puppy all his life. They agreed on the family trips to the beach because they are good swimmers.
However, owners need to know that they are a bit so it is best that they are brushed every day in the barn. Also regularly went out, because they are active dogs.
2) American Staffordshire Terrier - These dogs are intelligent, outgoing, people-oriented, patient and protective of children, they are very tolerant when children tease them that they rarely respond. Actually, I knew I hurt the dog without you.
The Amstaff is a medium-high, and prefer warmer climates they are active dogs, set them out for a walk or jog with them on a regular basis. They are easy to install, and has an average shedders because of their short-haired coat.
3) beagle - They are muscular, with a mind of their own, and well-developed sense of smell that they adhere to when they interfere with the smell of animals that cross their path. They agreed to the family, as they valiantly, social, intelligent, happy-go-lucky dog who loves to wag his tail at all.
Beagle dogs are kid-friendly because of their small and medium build, and they are gentle, playful and peaceful. When they adapt to the child masters, that they love them and are almost indistinguishable.
4) Pugs - They belong Kennels Although these dogs have small frames, they have a strong hard muscles. They also have a large round head with large functions of wrinkles, dark round eyes, small thin ears, blunt square nose, a curly tail and a short jacket, which is soft, thin and smooth.
Their playful, lively, loyal, loving, funny, loving, loves to tease, eager to please their masters, nature is ideal for families with children or elderly people in the neighborhood. They may be a good watch and does not bark a lot, which is why they are the perfect home or apartment living.
5) Collies - the final list of child-friendly dogs became popular with families because of the hit TV show Lassie. They are sensitive, gentle, easily trained, faithful, energetic, good-natured, plus they are great with other pets and dogs.
They are good for families because of their high intelligence, they are not aggressive, but also well-socialized to believe because they want a "bad vibe" from strangers. If they are natural herders are recommended for older children, because they tend to herd the children or pinch running, screaming, playing children.

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