Friday, January 21, 2011

What will you consider a good and best food for your Dog

I'm sure that most dog owners who love their pets, honestly believe that the foods they feed their dogs healthy and nutritious. If you're one of those people, you're in for a big surprise. Most commercial dog food is dangerous for the health of your dog!

The listed ingredients are found in a can of pet food seem rather harmless and even very healthy. But it could not be further from the truth for a large percentage of canned food shelves today. In fact, the risk of your dog dying prematurely is a real possibility that you do not have the best food for dogs to learn.

If you really want to know the truth about commercial dog food, read on to learn all the dirty secrets that we do not often hear about. If you know and act now, you will be rewarded with a very healthy and happy dog that can deliver up to 8.3 years longer than you might expect otherwise.

The majority of store-bought dog food contains at least six chemicals that are banned from human foods. The reason they are banned is because they can cause many deadly diseases, such as different types of cancer, liver dysfunction, major organ failure, and intestinal problems.

If you think that you can choose the best foods for dogs by reading labels, think again. Dog food manufacturers sometimes it is their right to their food products and chemical preservatives. It is a lie that they can get away because they do not have to list preservatives they can not add yourself. Often before the meat is sent to the manufacturer, has defined food additives.

The most powerful, and perhaps the most toxic, preservative, used in maintaining the sustainability of most dry pet food called ethoxyquin (EQ). Even workers in the plant is known for health problems such as liver or kidney damage, leukemia and other fatal diseases.

Another surprising fact is that many commercial dog carcass. Many of the animals killed cats, dogs, and zoo animals containing sodium pentobarbital. This drug is used to eliminate stray dogs and abandoned animals is still present in the food your dog when you buy it.

Your wife thinks this is bad enough, but you are also alarmed to learn that the PET collars, flea collars, ID tags and plastic bags are not removed when food is processed. All they will remain in the final product they call "food."

Is it acceptable for your pet food, one of this caliber to eat? It is understandable that many people never heard what the production of pet food - it's always hidden by the pet food industry. Some professional experts have spoken about, but overall, it is not generally known.

There are three steps you can take your dog's life, including:

1. Stop using commercial dog food as the main source of food.
2. Learn how to read labels.
3. Introduction of a number of healthy, well balanced, home-made recipes to your pet's food.

Get informed and feed your dog the best diet you can increase the life and save yourself money in the process.

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