Monday, January 31, 2011

Learn some impottant stuff in order to make your cat or kittens comfortable

If you have a new kitten, so it is important that you pleasant. Here are a few things you can do to make your cat comfortable:
a) Before you get a new cat, it is important that you understand your responsibilities to your new pet. If you already have a few cats at home, you should ask yourself whether you will be able to get your new cat friend to give the attention it deserves. You also have the finances to a burden that can pop up unexpectedly to meet.
b) People who have cats in their home, enter the new cat a separate room for a few days. This gives you new pet to adjust to its environment. Also, give a little time to older cats to accept their new friend.
c) Keep the area, new room is comfortable. Make sure you have a clean litter box, toys, food and clean water that your new cat friend can eat. Make it a point to visit the new pet as often as you can and let her know you friend. Try the cat is out of the room and explore the area. Invite other cats to the new pet to enable them to know their new friend.
d) If your old cat fights with the new pet, do not get excited. Most cats want to protect their territories and may do so in a few days. If you find that other cats are not willing to give the new cat in their territory, it is best that you keep your new friend in solitude for a few days. The problem persists, try going to a safer environment for the cat to find.
e) If you put the new cat to your child so make sure your child a few safety tips before you let them play with the new pet. If your cat has a habit of let your cat get used to strangle the children before they can pick up the cat.

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