Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get an insight on Pet Trailer for Smaller Dogs

For a small to medium sized dog in my life and loving my daily bike rides, I was always torn between going with my loyal dog or drive-away left her on the couch. My first solution, squeezing her into a front basket with a blanket for cushioning is a complete failure. My dog is very energetic and had the urge to move constantly throw my balance and makes driving dangerous. I also realized that 20 pounds, they really should be in a pet trailer to make things work.
After doing a bit of research online and my local bike shop that I finally took the plunge and bought a dog ride Mini Trailer. This is a perfect trailer for a little dog, easy to assemble and feel super solid. I live in a small apartment, so it's nice to know how easy Mini can be folded and stored in a closet.
Before that it was a good idea to get your dog used to his new home on the road. With the wheels removed, Mini Cab doubles nicely as a convenient crate or tent, so it may be brought within a few days to a favorite toy, blanket. Having explored the new space, your dog more comfortable when you first set.
Which for the first short trip if you have a bike with an internal hub gear system is a special bracket that you need to be ordered separately to connect the trailer to your bike. Other than that, the trailer hook easily and provides a very smooth and quiet ride for your dog.

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