Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do you know how and when Dogs became as pets

The domesticated dog is loyal and brave, intelligent and flexible. Helpful and loving, guards, dog people couples, play with their children and help them hunt. A loving pet, the dog is known as a reliable companion.
Where people live - or in an Eskimo village, a jungle clearing, or a bustling city - dogs live, too. In the U.S. alone, with about 34 million dogs as pets. Some are hybrids. Others are family - through selective breeding of humans has many different types of dogs. In North America alone, there are over 120 recognized breeds standard.
People admire domestic dogs. But they are usually afraid of the dog's wild relatives - wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes and other species of the family Canidae dog or mammals. There is always an open war between humans and wild dogs. As carnivores (meat eaters), wild dogs often compete with people for prey. Sometimes they fall in stock too. People may be forced to kill wild dogs to protect themselves and their cattle.
It is only recently that people began to realize that the dogs in the wild if kept in enclosed spaces contribute more good than harm was. They help to control destructive rodents. And where wildlife is expected to become overly abundant, wild dogs to remove many who would otherwise starve. In short, they play a role in the control of nature and balances.
Most scientists believe that the wolf is the principal ancestor of our Danish dog. But jackals, coyotes, dingoes and undoubtedly contributed their blood to the domestic dog. For example, many dogs in India nearly identical in appearance to jackals. And American Indians had dogs that looked like coyotes.
How did people first to tame these wild dogs? Thousands of years ago, primitive humans lived in caves and hunted with clubs, spears and other crude weapons. Wolves or wild dogs often lived near them. Their creeping fires, these animals clean bones and pieces of human flesh discarded. Sometimes the savages killed wild dogs when they tried to steal their meat. At other times she probably went roly-poly wolf or jackal cubs as playmates for their children.
These puppies have grown tame and affectionate. People gradually learned that they made excellent hunting companions as pets. Then much later, people found that they could breed their best dogs to their fastest dogs and have offspring with the best qualities from both parents. By crossing began various kinds of dogs to develop. Old photos show us that the Assyrians large mastiff-type dogs they used for lion-hunting in 600 BC had. And long before that time the Egyptians had dogs that looked like greyhounds.

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