Friday, January 21, 2011

What t the reasons that Dogs Howl

Dogs howl at the moon. They cry when the siren of a fire truck or an ambulance to hear a siren. The dogs crying add to the sound of a police car. The dogs try to cry that something ominous is about to happen across? Dogs are better senses. People believe that dogs can see something that people are unable to see. A howling dog is a permanent feature of horror films.
A howl is always associated with something sinister. Will not you want someone beside you like a dog amplifier sinister cry of the dark, windy and rainy nights? The howling of the dog, but can be quite entertaining especially if done in broad daylight. Have you noticed how some dogs howl when he hears the family together to sing? Do the voices in their ears hurt dogs or pets are crying because it wants to join in the fun?
There are many reasons why dogs cry. First and foremost is communication. Wolves howl and bay. These ancestors of today's dogs to stay in packs. A dog that is separated from the pack will cry for others about the location. It is the dogs way of telling the other Pack members that all is well. Other dogs will cry then. The howling sound carries for several miles. A dog barks to inform the others that prey is found.
Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, but cry like the other intrinsic properties were not eliminated. Modern dogs cry, but for another reason. Dogs left alone and locked in the house all day or tethered in the backyard with nothing better to do will cry because of boredom. Loneliness is another reason. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety even cry. A dog whose master dies crying every night. The dog is probably missing his master, although people give a second opinion to cry. Some would think the dog is to see her deceased master. Howling is always associated with something sinister, but did you know that crying also mean a happy dog? Dogs are social creatures. They crave the company of their human family. A wild dog barking and whining, when its master come, and when it happens in the play activities for children.
Wild dogs howling back when they heard a distant cry. So do not be surprised if your pet is crying when the ambulance passes. The howling is an instinctive reaction to what is interpreted by the dog as a different cry. The high pitch sound of a musical instrument, the sound of the TV are answered by the dog in the same way.


  1. I believe this is one of their ways to communicate. It is not necessarily a distress call or something spooky, but I think it really airs out their emotions and stress. I found an article that greatly summarized the reasons why they do it, and I think it is a good read worth checking out: