Monday, January 24, 2011

Food, Allergies and Dogs

No two dogs are alike. For this reason it is not easy to determine what can a food allergy and what is not. Some of the common allergens include grains such as soy, corn and rye. There are also a number of proteins that allows dogs grief in dog food department. There are dogs who may be allergic to cooked meat and not raw. Rare dogs allergic to chicken, but it can not be excluded.
If dry skin causes itching, loss of fatty acids in your dog. Some of these may worsen during the winter indoor heating. Additives may be something as simple as all that is needed to relieve the itching and scratching. This will lubricate the skin and coat.
If you see your dog licks, chews and bites their feet or other parts of their bodies, dog food allergy is the usual cause. Most dogs and nutritionists will request a new source of protein than dog has eaten. Lamb was once on the list of special proteins, but manufacturers are beginning to paralyze the base, and this has reduced their value to the unusual protein list. Some of the more unusual proteins buffalo, rabbit and venison. Some will point out fish as a protein.
Most vets are willing to sell you hypoallergenic dog food. These are very expensive. You can buy your dog food at home easier to sell to a much lower cost and with little effort. There are formulas available that is free of grains and protein-free for starters. You can buy your unusual protein for one of these and see how your dog reacts. Often, relief for dog allergies.
If you upgrade to a new food must be done gradually to avoid intestinal problems. A recommendation is a part new food to 3 parts old food with gradual increases in the amount of new food over a 5 or 6-day period.
Home cooked diets are also popular for dog food. It is vital that the correct proportion of carbohydrates to preserve the meat. Talk to your veterinarian is one way. There are also sites online that are easy to follow instructions and plenty of information available to you to work. Eliminating grains and abundant protein, the first step, but to combine the right ingredients are essential.

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