Monday, January 31, 2011

Is it a fact that cats can forsee Death?

Throughout history, there is always a connection between cats and the supernatural. Oscar is now one of the world's most famous cat, who said the death of terminally ill patients to predict in a hospice. But other cats seem to love this strange power. Can dogs really predict death?.
Throughout our history, there is always an aura of mystery and the supernatural associated with the cat. In Washington DC, a Demon Cat, is known to predict disaster if found in the White House, as recorded just before the 1929 Wall Street Crash, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Oscar is one example of a cat that seems to "know" that someone close to death. In hospice Oscar to call home, he asks in the corridors of the hospice, and is said to be known to a patient 25 hours before their death, usually have some sort of vague, until death.
Many cat lovers have also pointed out how their own cat, acted like the Oscars, when a loved one in their household has suddenly died.
A legend in Indonesia tells a similar belief. Indonesia is known for an odd cross of the cat family, half of which live wild in the streets of most Indonesian cities and municipalities. Usually these cats run wild, begging for food.from local or sift through waste. This breed of tough street cats that roam freely, generally dislike, but left alone by the local because of a belief they can not be harmed.
The Indonesian street cat is different than the European race-crossing a cat with a trademark crooked tail. Not afraid of people, rest and make a home anywhere, generally prefer the lure of the street to a comfortable home, as always, Indonesian cat lovers are willing to offer.
A famous urban legend says that if a cat is screaming all night at a house or on the roof, running a death foretold. And this has happened, although critics of this legend says that this passage cats are so abundant in Indonesia, but chances are it's just coincidence.
There is no doubt that cats are one of the most mysterious semi-domesticated animals. Stuff of horror stories, and linked to the practice of witchcraft.
Beyond superstition seems Oscar the cat and other cats to "predict" dead now food for the 21st century legend that, when once again only adds to the aura of mystery cat, and cats can sense more insidious know more than we think.

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