Sunday, January 16, 2011

Complete insight on pancreatitis in dogs

In this article we have seen a complete guide to pancreatitis in dogs, symptoms and how it is handled. This condition is actually in two forms - acute and chronic. Both forms of the disease is serious and requires prompt treatment. The disease is caused pancreatic inflammation. The cause of the disease is due to Obesity, malnutrition, Cushing disease, a high fat diet, trauma shock, certain drugs, liver disease or other health problems like diabetes.
This is when the disease more than once, and although the symptoms are milder than in the acute version because of the constant repetition, the pancreatic damage and how it works.
This is the most serious of the two, but can be treated. It usually leaves no permanent injury to the pancreas or surrounding organs. The acute version of the disease is divided into two types - a mild version is very easy to handle, but the serious version is very serious and can result in internal bleeding. The bodies are so badly affected in the first place, because the stomach acid actually begin to digest the organs surrounding the pancreas.
Symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs may involve:

* Vomiting
* Lethargy
* Depression
* Dry skin
* Dehydration
* Loss of appetite
Increased respiration *
* Fast pulse
* Yellow poop
* Diarrhea
Treatment of the disease may be associated

* Medication to remedy Secondary symptoms ie vomiting and diarrhea
* Fixed - not eating for 24 hours
* Fluids should be administered

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