Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did you know the fact that Arthritis in Dogs can be areally painful

You will have noticed that your once vibrant and active dog is now a bit slow and uninterested in doing fun activities you used to do with him? If yes, is a disease could explain this behavior the dog's arthritis. Like arthritis in humans, the condition of the dog also be very painful and very debilitating.
If your dog suffers from arthritis, activities which should be easily done by a healthy dog can be difficult, whether it moves up and down the stairs or leans down to reach his food and water bowl.
The first step to ensure a better life for your dog can suffer from gout knows the signs of the disease. Signs that your dog is suffering include:

* Inability to sit or stand up
* Fostering a leg
* Moving in a hard way as if the joints are sore
* When the hesitation to do the work it once did away as running or jumping
* Weight Gain
* Reduced interest in games and other activities
* Attitude or behavior change
* Increased sleep
* Being less alert
When you notice signs of arthritis, take your dog to the vet immediately. The sooner your dog is diagnosed with osteoporosis, the sooner you get your dog happy and healthy back. If your dog was diagnosed with arthritis, the veterinarian can suggest the following treatments:

* A drastic change in diet and increased exercise, where weight is a problem
* A combination of painkillers
* Content supplements of Omega-fatty acids or glucosamine
* Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
As your dog gets older arthritis is expected to rise at a more intensive treatment may be necessary.

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