Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did you know the fact that new boxer mix dogs are now recognized breeds,

In determining what dog to have in your home, there are many things to consider. If you have children or other pets so you have a race that will be good in this situation. You will be guaranteed that you can give your children to play with your dog without worry. Boxer dogs are great as a pet, and more people with different breed dogs boxer mix dogs get. There are some good mixes, and some bad.
Boxers from Germany and was originally used as hunting dogs, they were great to work with cattle and farms. As time went on, the race to shrink them more suitable as pets instead of dogs. Boxer is a playful and highly intelligent breed, so if we look to mix with another dog, you will have to find someone similar. Boxer mix dog is popular, they often have the character of a boxer, but the size and appearance of the second race. Although some people say you only need to mix some races, you can mix a boxer with a race, and there is even a chihuahua boxer mix.
One of the most popular dogs to mix with a boxer, a mastiff, though it seems an unusual combination, they are perfect together. Both are very loyal dogs with excellent temperaments that can easily be trained by you. The only problem with this mixture is overwhelming loyalty, ask your dog to strangers and other pets in your home. They can also be very stubborn and this can be a problem when trying to get them something they did not want to do. Another popular mix is a Labrador, the profile of this dog is big and has a distinctly different functions. Simultaneously with intelligence and training skills in both Labrador dogs make this a perfect mix.
There are some unusual combination of Boxer dog, people have tried all types of the breed and these dogs are nice to have. They often look very unusual and has characteristics of both breeds. Poodles, beagles and Chow Chows are all a boxer mix dogs. While these races are fun, they look a little strange especially Doodle Boxer, the dog with its characteristic features of the boxer. Many Boxer breeders and owners believe that the Boxer breed should be left alone and not disturbed.
Many of the new Boxer mix dog is now recognized breeds, dog competitions, and may enter in their own rights. But you feel that mixing races is a fact that there are some very good results. If the dogs are happy and so loved what race they are not really important. This boxer mix dogs make great pets, and you may want the next time you go to buy a new pet to consider.

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