Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diud you know the fact that Cats have a digestion system that's set to digest high protein foods.?

Our furry friends have a digestive system that is attached to digest protein foods. They have gastric juices so that they can process food and get as many nutrients as possible for their bodies, they are carnivores, meaning they are designed to eat meat. But not all foods are ok for your cat or kitten. Any food especially foods which are processed for human consumption. These should be avoided if you want to keep your cat healthy and happy. This is a bold step in the right care for cats. If you do not follow these tips, you can pay for your health cats visit the vet cost, even their lives.
Milk: We've all seen many people their cats milk performance for television and film. But it is not correct. Give your cat too much milk can lead in their milk crystallized stone. This can be quite unhealthy for them, even deadly. So do not do it.
Tuna: What I mean here is the tuna is done to us. Canned tuna for consumption cat is OK. Our people have the tuna can contain mercury, which may not be healthy for your feline friends. So if you can avoid it. Of course, it's OK every once a while give them a bit of tuna that we eat, but do not allow a custom. I have a beautiful Russian Blue cat and we give only approved food manufacturers pet that produce for them. I do not want to hurt him in any way.
Vegetables: Vegetables are a lot of it maybe could be harmful to your cat as food, onions, garlic, any food that can be done in a spice is probably dangerous to your cat. Many foods contain chemicals called disulfides and sulfoxides, it can reduce the transfer of oxygen to red blood cells in their bodies.
Alcohol: Do not even think about it. This can cause much damage to their entire system. As for us over time.
Any type of chocolate: Do not feed your cat any kind of chocolate, because they do not break down the compounds in it. They do not have the enzymes to do this.
Foods rich in ashes: Because the meat prepared for cat food is cooked at high temperature, it leaves a residue of ash. In the ash, calcium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other trace elements. Therefore, foods with a higher proportion of meat content contains more ash. However, the food of better quality will produce less ash. Cats need some ashes in their diet can not be completely eliminated. If there is a high concentration of ash in the food, it could lead to a feline lower urinary tract disease or FLUTD. The ashes will accumulate and cause their crystalline urinary tract, thereby blocking it. its best to buy food with an ash content of 2.5 or less.
I hope to have informed on how and what to feed your pet. Keep them healthy and happy to make you happy knowing that you are looking for their well-being and health. cat care is essential for an accurate long and healthy life. 

Enjoy their company, entertaining. You do not repent.

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