Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dogs and Electric Fences

Are you worried that your dog can run off and get lost or get overthrown and killed by oncoming traffic?

Are you afraid that fence you've spent hundreds to make your garden look like a prison can not really your dog safe and reliable?

Believe this or not electric fences for dogs, actually provides better protecting against all the above and the gardens look like a friendly and warm location for the general public. Electric fences for dogs is actually a better job of keeping your pets are kept in a certain sense than traditional fencing, if your pet is able to jump or dig under the fence.

Recently my dog was run over and killed by traffic outside my house and since then I have spent considerable time researching and writing about the electric fence for dogs. The good news for you is I take this issue very seriously and you'll end up with a pet for the next few years if you buy a dog fence underground or wireless pet fence.

When you buy electric fences for dogs is vital you know what you're looking for there are many types of pet containment systems available on the Internet Today.

In this article I will discuss in detail about what to look out for when shopping for your pet containment.

First you must decide if a dog fence underground or wireless pet fence, if the two are very, very different to each other.

What is a wireless pet fence?

A wireless dog fence is a containment system that sends out a circular signal about where you place the transmitter in your home. There are many types to choose between different functions. The system works by transmitting a signal to be picked up on your dog collar and your dog approaches the limit of circular signal, will your pet receive a small harmless shock.

Why choose a wireless pet fence?

   1. The pet containment system can be set up within two hours and begin sending a signal.
   2. If you rent a house or planning to move somewhere you can just put wireless dog fence with you.

A drawback of the wireless pet fence would be that the signal is circular only will your pets a sense circular space to play outside and this signal can overlap naibours in your house. Depending on how much soil you have.

What is a underground dog fence?

An underground dog fence is a pet containment system that keeps your dog safely, you dig a trench around your garden to lay wire. An underground dog fence works only when your pet approaches the ground wire.

Why choose Underground Dog Fence?

An underground dog fences, your dog freedom across the garden (depending on how big it is natural and how much wire you plan to adopt) garden.

The disadvantage of an underground dog fence is that you need to dig a trench for wiring that is naturally present time. But the signal from the underground dog fence seems to be stronger than the wireless pet fence.

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