Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foreclosure Dogs In today's time are looking for help

To say, take a dog, save a life is never represented by an urgent appeal from A. On the fruit surface, in towns, villages and hamlets, upscale, downsize and scale of any community, dogs are often abandoned and forgotten. Confused and frightened, dogs and puppies are simply left alone without food or water foreclosed homes. Others are deposited in lonely street, in parks and forests. The lucky ones get new home and family, dog rescue or no kill dog shelter for adoption later.

Reveal how serious the crisis, Sharon L. Peters of USA Today writes: "They connect with thousands a month, the homeless, hapless victims of ... Foreclosure is the landing in. .. (dog) shelters in large numbers in some parts of the country.

And it is not an isolated event "We're seeing more and more cases of people who leave their homes and dropping the dog off at the shelter .... and the local park," said Michael Mountain, president of Best Friends Animal Society. "Sometimes they even tie the dog outside and driving away."

Eileen Drennen The Atlanta Journal-Constitution all home with a specific case history "An abandoned dog Lt. Mary Lou Respess can out of his mind is a Chihuahua. He tied for so long," said Gwinnett County Animal Shelter manager, his collar embedded in his skin and had been removed. He was one of hundreds whose owners have them behind.

Small enough to fit in a shoebox, the Chihuahua's guardians saw fit to abuse of the wilderness and their little dog.

While we are sympathetic to the plight of people suffering as a result of the economic and mortgage meltdown as we have zero tolerance for cruelty and neglect shown here.

And this is abject cruelty and neglect extends to all breeds and sizes too.

In Stockton, Calif., Evelyn Nieves of the Associated Press wrote: "The house was destroyed by owners who destroyed their home before a bank foreclosed on it hidden in an abandoned disintegration of the family. A hungry pit bull.

The dog found by workers was too far gone to save ... "

So what can be done?

Here are some suggestions:

- The ASPCA suggests that you try to attempt to stimulate or to take your dog to find. Contact with family, neighbors, friends and colleagues.

- Efforts to find no-kill shelter. It is extra work but it is your responsibility. There is no reason for taking the easy road when your dog's life at stake.

- Contact your local dog rescue organizations to see if they can help you find a home.

- Publish your adoptable dog in a dog-specific advertising offers. Screen potential adopters carefully. Rescue groups can help you with a set of questions such as: where the dogs live and what would be a reason for them to get rid of a dog. No advertising "free dog" in your ad that unscrupulous people who are free dogs with little regard for their welfare and some even sold as pets in animal labs.

- Contact your veterinarian. He may even a new home or temporary guardian for your dog. Not invade your dog in a crate or box on the steps of the vet if it can be dangerous. he could escape or suffer from a lack of water or temperature changes before help came.

- Contact your local animal shelter or animal control facility to see if they accept your dog and help them find a new home.

- Support legislation in your area:

California, one of the states hardest hit by the sub-prime meltdown is considering Assembly Bill 2949, which allow bank representatives to immediately a potentially life-saving help for animals abandoned in foreclosed properties. The bill is supported by the ASPCA and the California Animal Association.

It's not OK to leave the family pet to fend for themselves. There are options and we should all be vigilant compassion to help those facing economic hardship to tear them from their house and split to feed their families. Many people welcome the assistance at a time when they just do not know where to turn or what to do.

Others, unfortunately, not respond to help and continue to take the easy way of abandoning their dogs. That's where we all have a responsibility to work within our own community, with the dog rescue, dog shelters and veterinarians re-home care best friend of man have when his family, in an act of unforgivable cruelty, shields his love and faithfulness and he was left behind.

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