Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gifts and Ideas for Animal Shelter

Shelters across the country have a tough job. With the help of volunteers with a big heart and dedicated staff, provide shelters lost, abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, animals, humans disappoint. As the dominant species, it is our responsibility to care for the animals we choose to own or breed. This means that appropriate medical treatment, food, water, shelter and love for the animals we buy or take. Unfortunately, not everyone takes their responsibility seriously, and as a result, shelters to get stuffed full of dogs and cats to fit.
You probably already know that shelters all donations of dry and wet pet food value. Other necessary supplies include cat litter and litter box liners, paper towels, bottles of antibacterial spray, shampoo, old blankets or bedding for animals. Employees are also thrilled with small toys and bones and cash donations.
Another way you can help is to consider buying a cat tree and donate to the shelter. Cat trees are a great way for cats to regular exercise, experience life outside of their cage to get and the more basic instincts, which are fixed in their brains.
Cat trees available in a wide range of sizes. Many are very high with a stabilizer built into the top to the ceiling as a way to stabilize the device. Others are much smaller, say about five meters or so. Depending on your budget, you can purchase units with great perches, enclosures, rope swings and toys. Cat trees of any size is a real treat for shelter cats, and a good way to get them moving, so attention prospective adoptive parents to withdraw.

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