Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How can one live with their cat when they have cat allergies?

Cat owners are often possessive of their cats, as they should be. Nothing is more disappointing than finding that your cat allergy as a cat owner. A doctor would be immediate afford to get rid of the cats. Before you blindly listen to the doctor, you need all your options. You may find that a happy medium.
The first option you should consider, unless you have extreme cat allergies, or you can transition your cats to life outside. If your cat has no claws, you should not consider this option if they are defenseless. But if you can swing it, so your cat without the cat will a very long way to go to the felling of cat hair and dandruff. You may even consider all of their outdoor cats. Or try both to start and see how your cat allergies react. If you want to make them full-time outdoor cats shed a great place for them to shelter from the elements. You can easily install a pet door and make them some beds. Then it's just a matter of feeding them. Do not worry, they'll let you know when they are hungry.
If you refuse to let them outdoor cats, so your work becomes a lot harder. This is especially true if you have more severe allergies. The problem is that cats move much. And they spread all dandruff and hair all over. So you need some good strategies to combat it. The first thing you need is to regain your bedroom. You spend a large part of Tine very close to your bed and you need that space must be clean. You have to make your bedroom door closed to keep out the cats. Yep, no more cats sleeping in your room. Also thoroughly clean your room. Clean your sheets. Clean the furniture. Clean the walls. You get the point. Then you might consider purchasing an air purifier to the room. It will really help your overall health.
Once you have sold your bedroom, it's time for the rest of the house of their strategy. You should consider purchasing a high quality air purifiers for the most used rooms. You will need more regular cleaning. This includes cleaning of furniture. I've heard that steam cleaners a really good job to remove cat dander does. Cat dander is hard to get out of furniture. Wash pillows regularly. You will also have a high quality HEPA vacuum to get. There is no time to learn. This is your health.
The handling of your cats are a problem now. If you pet your cat, you should immediately wash your hands. This is really disheartening to cat owners. Yes, you can communicate with your cat. Do not forget to wash your hands after doing so. Never pet your cat and put your hands on your face. This will create a kind of reaction. And of course it is wise to an allergy medication to combat the effects.

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