Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to take care of your furniture with cats around

Nobody wants a lot of money for new furniture and see their beloved cat was destroyed quickly after that. Many people see the solution to this problem declaw their pets. However, it is a reasonable solution?
Proponents of this idea argue that declaw is a simple procedure with no pain. The reality is different - this process is not that simple and painless, as shown by some, and the nails are not the only body parts the cat removed. During declaw is the first joint of each toe is removed, too. The pain of cutting can not be lost for months or even years. And your cat can not tell you where it hurts.
All of this does not mean that you must destroy your furniture, carpets and curtains to tolerate. There are a number of things you can do to limit or eliminate damage.
1. Give your cat what he wants
Scratching is a natural tendency and it is used not only by their cats sharp nails. It relaxes the muscles and makes them stronger. Declawed cats scratching movements, though they do not have nails. So you better give your cat something to scratch his needs.
If you have a scratching post covered with carpet, remove the carpeting and wrap the post with sisal rope. The scratching post should be about two inches higher than the height of the cat can reach.
Many cats prefer to scratch the surface to be horizontal instead of vertically.
It is recommended to spray catnip on the scratching post and take it around the cat's favorite scratching areas, such as cat trees instead. When your pet get used to the post, you can begin to gradually move to a convenient place.
2. Choose carpets and fabrics prudent and reasonable
Do not buy a beautiful and delicate satin and damask surface because they are a magnet attracting the cat. Similar to the situation in leather and faux leather.
Components need to be strong and have a tight weave. Such elements are canvas, canvas and denim. Percale for your curtains and chintz is applicable. The plush carpets with an average or low. The key is at a minimum textures in your home.
If your textures are brown, the scratches are not as visible and not so major disaster.
3. Trim your cat's nails
This technique is not difficult but it seems so. There are special animal nail trimmers are available and you need such a tool. The first thing you should do is to treat the feet, engage the jaws to expand without cutting them. The repetition of this process, the cats used to be handled extremely violent and not respond during the actual decorating. Note that only the tip of the nail as you trim the actual process to start decorating.
4. Claw caps
Claw caps are soft plastic covers that are attached to the nails and cover them. They last between 4-6 weeks. Many people use them and say they really effective. Cat furniture is not only an item in your home, this is a perfect way to keep your pet happy.
Humans and cats have shared their home for thousands of years. A bit of cooperation is necessary to the relationship between pets and owners furniture is successfully maintained.

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