Sunday, January 16, 2011

Insight on Labrador dog

Labrador dog is one of the most popular breeds of dogs owned by people as pets. They are loyal and loving, patient and loving and they make great pets. They love children. They are very intelligent, willing and eager to please, and love people. They love to play, especially in water and their coats are relatively foolproof. They have a reliable temperament and are friendly, sometimes more than friendly, and become a part of the family easy. They love human company and, if left alone, longing for company and wasted.
Labradors should be discussed, because they enjoy and are very sensitive. They need physical and mental exercise regularly, and be taken for long walks. They are glad to be home and can comfortably live in apartments until they are taken regularly. They are strong and heavy and are easy to train. Therefore, they are also used as police dogs and drug sniffers. They can be trained to residents for the blind and disabled, and they can smell drugs and used as guard dogs. Since they react to training, they can be used in many ways and is generally useful in anything. They are also called "St. John's dogs."
Labrador dog is said to have originated in Newfoundland, where she used to assist with activities if they could jump into freezing water to help pull the nets. They were transported to England in 1800 and is very popular here. Labradors are in India and other Asian countries, Australia and other places where they are also in demand.
There are two types of Labrador dog and American English. English, which is heavier and thicker, while the U.S. that are long and slender. They come in three colors black, chocolate brown and light brown. They have a calm personality and can be trained for anything. Labradors can be as heavy as a hundred pounds while the average weight would be about sixty pounds for males and slightly less for women. They have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.
Labradors shed twice a year, sometimes throughout the year depending on weather conditions. They have webbed and full-face and have tails that are very strong. Dog lovers would rather go for Labradors because of their quality and reliability. They are also bred and amiable

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