Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is it possible to control the chasing habit in Dogs?

Many dogs like to chase moving objects such as bicycles, skateboards, cars and even motorcycles. It's almost like an impulse, because the dog can not control when he or she sees a moving object, they have to pursue it. For other dogs, moving objects of no interest. The best way to control these dogs like to chase moving objects for their own security is tied to them, if you run them, and behavioral training begins early.

First, think about your dog breed that makes a difference when they tend to hunt. Terrier breeds have a strong desire to chase and catch, so does a moving object is often too much of a temptation for the dog to resist. Other races chase moving objects, because they protect their territory, and other hunting dogs because of the entertaining and fun, at least in their minds. However, chasing a danger to your dog, the person on a skateboard or bike, and even cause a car accident.

Chasing Cars can be disastrous, especially when the dog tries to bite on wheels, he or she can easily get run over and seriously injured or even slain. That is why it is important to train your dog as fast as you can see he has no interest in chasing moving objects. Too many dogs hunting instinct and therefore training will be to obey commands and to focus on you instead of moving objects.

When your dog in your neighborhood never walk, let him or her to lose, especially if they are inclined to hunt prior to arrival. You should practice to train your dog not to chase him through the line, at the first sign of his lungs to hunt, go in the opposite direction. He will quickly learn that trying to hunt just quietly makes you go the other way, and he or she has to deal with you. If your dog has a breakthrough and not hunt, reward him or her with a treat and praise. The more you treat and praise for good behavior (no hunting), the less you see the bad behavior (rear).

Finally, most dogs begin chasing moving objects when they are puppy as a way to play, but this problem can quickly turn into direct hunts if you do not end. It is easy to break a bad habit, like chasing your dog is still a puppy, because they absorb everything around them. On the other hand, a dog is never too late to learn not to chase, with a little patience, a belt and a bag full of goodies, you'll soon have a dog who shows little interest in hunting.

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