Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lets get an insight on Reality of Cats

Who is the real owner?
Cats! Some people love them, others hate, that's a fact. Cats can produce the most wonderful companions, but they are also the most independent of the entity. This means you do not own a cat, a cat can do it yourself! A cat relies on you for every creature comfort. Food, warmth and what better than to curl up beside the fireplace, when a fire or not? Friendship, gaming and other "like a cat" thing!
Cats will tell long stories, that's when you go to your cat know well, you interpret it with ease, knowing exactly what they are talking about the real crescendo of sound and mewing. If they are hungry they know well and of course you drop everything to their requirements, easy! It is essential to keep your cat happy and satisfied, or if the possibility exists that you will be leaving for a mandatory and more owners. It is not likely to happen if your a cat lover. That only happens to other people, is not it?
At night there is only one place where your cats like to sleep. Besides your course and spread, which occupy more than a sufficient share of the bed, but of course, that's right for cats is not it?
Sometimes you set unique present, please accept with good grace that is given. Never mind that this is a live mouse or other creature in the field, thanks to your cat and accordingly suggest that these gifts are not really for you. If you are lucky and fast, you will be able to save time and said send it back to the field, his family, really happy in life. Of course, some gifts are not so lucky and should be removed.
Cats have many friends and some favorite to take home to meet you. Other times you just see it lying on your living room, or eat your cat. Of course what you feed your cat is much better than what they get in their own homes. So they come by to taste for variety, a comparison and then report back to their various owners
What you feel about cats, one thing is certain. They are here to stay and if they seem to be selfish, they are really expensive.

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