Monday, January 17, 2011

What are your thoughts is Diary products good and safe for your Dog?

Dogs should not consume much cheese and other dairy products, but some dairy products in moderation can provide some benefits for dogs. First, cheese has many proteins that may be good for your dog. Eggs are high in protein and other nutrients and is very good for a dog skin and coat.
Cheese provides vitamin A and essential fatty acids and using a small piece of cheese is a great way to hide a pill that you should give your dog. Therefore, cheese provides limited benefits for your dog, but it is not harmful to your dog, unless you give it to them then, because it can cause digestive disorders and even gas.
Cottage cheese and yogurt are actually good for dogs, but in moderation. Cottage cheese provides protein and can help with diarrhea, but the cheese gives your dog must be low in sodium and fat because it can easily add some pounds to the waist of your pet if you are not careful. Dogs also love cottage cheese, so it makes them easy for a small fee. Yogurt, which is the bare form is something else that dogs enjoy and it is acidophilus in providing good bacteria in the intestines of the same dog and man.
If you have given your dog too much cheese is often determined by the outcome of the consumption of cheese. For example, your dog, if diarrhea following him or her cheese, you probably gave it too much. Moreover,. Overfeeding of cheese cause excess gas, which means that Fido may have some bloating and flatulence Many adult dogs are lactose intolerant, so a lot of cheese can ensure that they are bloated or diarrhea.
Therefore, if your dog is the negative effect of giving him or her cheese or other dairy products like, be sure to remove them from their diet altogether, as it undoubtedly means that they can not tolerate milk products. These dogs can digest cheese can have on an occasional basis, but it should not be a big part of their daily diet, because too much fat your dog is just not necessary.
Finally, while the cheese is safe for some dogs and cottage cheese, eggs and yogurt are good for dogs in moderation, some dogs are lactose intolerant, so cheese is not the best solution for them. For dogs who are lactose intolerant, there are lactose-free cheeses that you can use as a confection, but do it in small amounts, or use a pill to cover up

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