Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What could be some of the possible reason that dog eats poop

There is a problem with your dog eats poop? Okay, let's cut to the chase. Watching dogs eat poop is disgusting. Thus the idea of the bacteria that spread to everything they lick after doing that!

Some people do not realize that ecoli droppings contain bacteria that are deadly. So think about what happens after eating dog poop. What they do with their infected tongue and mouth? Lick you?

What if your dog steals food and licks your counter or plate? These areas are now infected. If not properly cleaned, you can eat them and get ecoli in your system.

Wonder why dogs eat poop?

There are many reasons for dogs to eat their shit. One is that their mother is eating the stools of puppies until they are old enough to come out of the den. If he does not, predators will find and kill the pups in no time.

Dogs also eat because they are left alone too much, and perhaps all they had to eat for entertainment is their poop. This is one reason why you actually need to ensure that the breeder you purchase them takes good care of the puppies. Puppies quickly develop bad habits, and shall be supervised at all times. It is easy for them to adapt to your routine, but it is also easy for them to their own.

Poor nutrition is another reason for the disgusting habit. Put your dog in an all-natural food, so he feels the need to increase the nutrients by eating poop.

So what can you do to stop eating dog poop?

Now that you have some understanding of the problems and risks to health, here are three of the better alternative way to cure the problem:

1. Feed your dog fresh pineapple (not canned). He loved the result, but his poop taste really bad for him as he eats.

2. Reclaim the space as he tries to eat his poop. To "claim" you are yourself as a proud soldier, shoulders and head up, eye contact with the puppy at all times during training. Stand between them and the environment, with legs spread halfway between the military "at ease" and "attention-hut!" Remember, keep eye contact. When the puppy lies down and turns away (or running away), you can walk away from the area, because now he has to give up the place for you.

3. Cleaning dog poop every time he goes.

There is another solution to stop eating dog poop. This is not a favorite of mine, because if your timing is off, your dog is afraid to go poop. So always let him off before doing this. If he turns around to eat his poop, squeeze something heavy (like a bicycle horn). Dogs hate that noise! He will be afraid to go near the mess.

For some dogs, a splash of water works well. However, you must be very careful that you only use once a serious correction, or the dog may really come to like. My friend messed up, and her dog stood with his mouth open when he gets water gun.

As they say, has more than one way to skin a cat!

So check your puppy to them why dogs eat poop and try the proposed remedies. One of them is sure to work for you to stop eating dog poop.

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