Friday, January 14, 2011

Agression of one Dog towards the other

There are many reasons for dog aggression toward other dogs.
Territorial instinct kicks in
One possible motive for the dog aggression towards other dogs that your dog can sense a threat to its territory, which includes her personal space and you. She wants to protect you against all costs and are likely to act aggressively if it deems that there is a danger to her room and your safety.
Desire to become the leading
They may believe that there is a threat to its leadership status in the flock. She will aggressively towards another dog she senses can try to strengthen its position as the alpha dog to steal.
Fear and panic
She will feel threatened by some dogs. Perhaps their sheer size startled her or maybe she recalled a dog before they had a fight, or were afraid of. It is important not to confuse fear aggression with aggression with a particular stimulus in all conditions ..
There may be a previously undetected disease
There is always the possibility that a previously undetected illness is causing the problem. It is important that you contact your veterinarian to discuss this possibility at a time when violence seems to continue unabated.
Signs of dog aggression toward other dogs may include raised bristles, lips snarled, bared teeth, menacing growl, a low head down, tail low to the ground, and prolonged eye contact.
If you have these symptoms, you should immediately realize that you have a problem. If you want to learn how to stop dog on dog aggression, you can choose to self-initiate, or you can call on the services of a professional trainer. Which approach you take, must be taken to rectify the situation immediately. A dog fight can result in injury to your dog, you, the other dog, the other owner, or an innocent bystander trying to break up the fight.
If your beloved dog, shows a tendency to attack and harm other dogs, and maybe even kill them, then you face the dangers of your beloved dog seized by the authorities. Therefore it is possible that your dog will be killed if it is proved that he or she is a threat to other dogs, and society in general.
You may also be subject to civil litigation.
Maxie Earl around dogs all his life. Through its extensive interaction with professional dog trainers and veterinarians, she has a wealth of knowledge about learning to stop your dog problems. Her hope is that her wisdom and knowledge to other dog owners and dog lovers worldwide.

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