Saturday, January 15, 2011

Have you ever heard of Therapy Dogs before?

They are called man's best friend. Dogs are known for a long time as the great family pet. There is something comforting about having a dog sitting next to you. They are non-judgmental and love us unconditionally. Dogs used for many things. The herd animals on the farm, helping blind people get around their homes and communities, sniffing our products at airports and border and lead a simple life as pets. A new way dogs are used as "therapy".
Therapy dogs are specially trained dogs used to comfort and love to people who really need it. They are used in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities and disaster areas. Therapy dogs are not a special breed. They can be any size or age. It is very important that a patient temperament in all environments.
Using a dog as therapy began during World War II. It was Corporal William Wynn, a dog that initially put him on missions. It was an abandoned Yorkshire terrier, which he named Smoky. Smokey began his job as a therapy dog when Corporal Wynn was hospitalized for a Jungle Fever. The corporal of the Smoky to the hospital to visit him. Smokey was a hit with all the soldiers and went to the hospital for twelve years. This was an informal use of animals as therapy. Today there is a much more structured approach and the dogs are trained to do this great work.
Therapy dogs are used in a variety of settings. One such option is to take children reading time in the library. Specially trained dogs are brought, and children learn to read can read the dogs. There is no fear of mispronouncing a word. There is no concern about the fact that embarrassed. These dogs may listen to children read them a chance to practice much.
Another option, which therapy dogs are used in nursing homes. These specially trained dogs are brought to the nursing home to "visit" with the residents. They give comfort and love and sometimes entertainment to the people there. Most people respond very positively. There is something special about the love of a dog can give, not words.
A university recently advantage of good therapy dogs can do. She brought them during the final exam period. Most students say that the animals reduced their stress levels. This is another way dogs can be helpful.

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