Monday, January 10, 2011

Are ypu planning on to get a kitten?

If you already own or are eager to get a kitten, then you might want to learn about the wide range of cat behavior. It is true that all these small gestures that make spin and blend: one or the other, and for a human to decipher these signals are no less difficult than finding meaning in the ancient hieroglyphics. This article attempts to help understand some of the most common behavior.
Let us begin to spin. That familiar sound of your cat gives general satisfaction, love, contentment and devotion. It is mostly made of kittens. But in some cases it may also mean that your cat is scared or sick. But it is the exception. The rule is that when a cat purrs it is happy and in a relaxed atmosphere.
Mixing is another important cat behavior you will experience. When you lie down, your cat bowl and knead the abdomen or chest with his legs. This indicates that she loves you and shows his affection. Sometimes mold can also be accompanied by purring. This loving cat behavior is taken up as a kitten and can be repeated in adulthood.
It is difficult for a man to understand why the cats to hide their nests. The main reason is to hide the droppings from other predators. But overall, an assertive cat may not enjoy this behavior because it gives her nesting area. But an indoor cat is more likely to cover the faeces because it is the owner of the alpha male.
Many owners become upset when they see their cat playing with its prey. In nature, teaches a cat how to hunt for his mother. But a cat can not have that skill, and when they hunt for prey, it may not hungry. Yes, the booty is just a toy. No matter how tame cat, they are natural hunters.
A cat loves you touch and like to beat and care. It connects touches the memory of her mother. You should not deny his need for a cat scratch. This is a way to practice and as a means to get rid of older shells of its claws. If you're worried about your cat damaging your expensive furniture, you can see to buy toys like cat condos, where they can scratch her heart out.

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