Monday, January 10, 2011

Is it possible to make a cat tree from Ladder?

Can you provide a scratching post from a ladder? That is the question of a friend of mine asked me recently, after he reported he saw a picture of the kitty gym plays a man is made of a wooden ladder.
Well, you can. All you need to do is buy a wooden ladder, wrap it in some sisal rope and carpet covered platforms or tubes attached to sports and you're done.
But why a scratching post to make a ladder? Besides the novelty of these things is not a very attractive space and cost saving solution for your problem cat furniture.
Why not build a cat tree that effectively use the space you have, will cost you an arm and a leg (have you priced wooden ladders lately?) And do not give you any nasty surprises when you are halfway through building it. To do this you need a set of modular cat tree plan.
I know, I know, I can hear you now ... "But if I invest in a series of plans and my thoughts (now or later) about what I want, I'm stuck. If I have more to spend on another set of plans. So why not just wing it in the first place? "
Good point!
The fact is if you have the wrong plan that can actually happen that you buy. But seriously, if your cat furniture prices lately you know you can invest in many sets of plans and still come out ahead.
OK, so what to look for a good set of plans cat tree.
Detailed instructions and many photos
A complete list of materials
Tips on buying materials
Use only the basic tools
The instructions for wooden or plastic posts
Part cutting and layout chart
Weak and where to shop for carpet
Detailed step-by-step diagrams floor
Modular design options
This is what I was looking at my pussy when I play in the gym building. I was so scared that it would be hard if I mess it so the more pictures the better. In fact, the one I have used about 90 pages of instruction, including more than 250 pictures, so I was able to fully proceed with my project.
Now, I really do not know my way in a wood shop is a complete list of materials is a big relief. That way I know I got what I needed without spending a ton of unnecessary items. Plus, people in stores to "help" me always intimidating, so it's nice to not need to ask them anything.

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