Monday, January 10, 2011

Cat beds, cat toys and their Importance

Cat beds and cat toys seem to take a lot of use, wear and tear. It is good because it means they are put to good use. But if you do not keep these items clean then you could be the introduction of bacteria in your cat's environment can be dangerous. Fortunately, for the solution to keep things in safe working order is simple. This trend is so simple and secure any member of your family can pitch and help - even the younger members of your clan.
The main culprit was the cat bed, cat hair. It seems that every hair has suddenly developed superhuman strength as they cling to the fibers in the bed. One trick to releasing this grip is the first spraying the area with Static Guard. The response should give your vacuum cleaner to pick up more hair.
You can then roll the area with a cloth roll or slide on a rubber glove and rub your hands over. This is the second line of defense in eliminating hair from the cat bed. approach here is to get more pet hair removed before you throw away the outer layer of the bed in the washer. You do not want to risk getting too much pet hair left in the washing machine and later transferred to your clothing.
You can follow a similar task for any pet toys that you plan to put in the sink with external coating the cat's bed.
Make sure your washer is set for a big load and use lots of laundry detergent will help turn loose stubborn pet hair. If the beds are very dirty, you might consider running it through a second round.
Finally, dispose of cat beds and toys in the dryer, but be sure to use at least one dryer sheet. By using a liquid fabric softener is not as effective because the dryer sheets again helps to prevent static electricity and remove more than any long hair cat. Remember to use a low setting to keep the dryer to shrink to a minimum.

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